Behind the Scenes – It’s a Red Moon and a Green Man


As a story teller, I’m always fascinated by the ‘once upon a time’ tale of how diamonds were found in the Namib Desert, just outside Lüderitz in a place called Kolmanskop.  And I had also been to Swakopmund, a strange and remarkable place with streets made of salt, with Bavarian- style houses, German food and beer.

I stored up all these impressions and decided to write about a hippie community with charismatic leader Gerhard Vorbei who creates a paradise in the desert and deserted settlement of Pomona, the once thriving diamond region.  The main component of this Eden in the middle of nowhere is a healthy lifestyle with food grown organically without artificial fertilizer.  Since water is an ongoing problem, Gerhard sets up the equipment to desalinate the sea water and he grows vegetables by hydroponics.

There are also lessons he learns from the local Bushmen regarding the herbs, roots and edible plants, the tribe’s hunting techniques and the laws and customs of their bands or communities


The action is centred around a hippie community focused on sex and drugs in which the conventional social and marital mores are overthrown in a sexual free-for-all.  This creates conflict in Gerhard’s marriage to Daphne who ultimately wants to leave him at the point that he not only has an affair with sexy Carla but moves her into the bungalow where he and Daphne live with their 2 young sons.


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